Brand Ambassadors

Carrera Races seeks Brand Ambassadors to spread the word.

We’re looking for Brand Ambassadors to spread the word about Carrera Races in the greater San Antonio area, Austin, and South Central Texas. Are you an influencer? Do you like working independently and helping others? If so, you could be a great Brand Ambassador!
Must possess the following:
  • LOVE RUNNING, Love 13.1, Love 26.2, Love 5K, Love get the idea!
  • Know the brand (we’ll teach you)
  • Strong interpersonal skills to engage others
  • The ability to motivate people to get up and get running


Please send us some info about yourself, your running journey and tell us why you would make a great Brand Ambassador.
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As a Brand Ambassador you will be our eyes and ears identifying good opportunities for runners. You're in the social and running communities, engaging in conversations with our audience: people who run, or want to run, 5k, 10k, and up to marathons and half marathons. And people who want to help others, who want to help us help NonProfits by participating in these events!
Engage runners, post flyers, talk to businesses, athletic stores and your friends. Carrera Races is on a mission...
We Work for the Bigger Picture and we want you to enjoy being a part of our Team!

All Brand Ambassadors will receive Carrera Races & CarreraThon GUSTO Series swag. Brand Ambassadors will be rewarded for the number of registrants who use their unique Promo Code at registration. Your talents could earn you a free registration, new shoes, and gifts!